Dr. Rosalin Pugh

CEO & Founder

Serving Northern California for over 20 years.

Who We Are

Westlund Childs

Drum Instructor

Westlund Childs III is a passionate musician who loves to teach percussion. As a drum instructor for 15+ years, he's orchestrated many music clinics directed towards the community and specializes in foundation, development and technical precision.

Meet the Team

Will Barnes

Guitar Instructor

Will Barnes is a professional musician who teaches students of all ages how to play guitar. With over 40 years of guitar experience, his musical knowledge spans a breadth of genres, from rock, classical, bluegrass, jazz, and modern-day sounds.

Ms. Lala

Vocal Instructor

Singing since the age of 8, Ms. Lala is excited to teach new students. From soloist, studio recording, singing in various musical groups to choirs, she's done it all and is ready to share her passion with each and every student. She has a musical ear and a great passion for music. God has given her a gift and she wants to help develop yours.

Timothy Winn

Piano & Organ Instructor

Influenced by the late and great Edwin & Walter Hawkins, Timothy Winn is a professional musician who teaches and encourages students of all ages to take their skills to the next level. With half a decade of teaching experience, Timothy's teaching philosophy is "how bad do you want it..?".  

Brandon Nelson

Drum Instructor

Brandon Nelson is a seasoned musician with over 20 years of experience. Sharing & developing his talents in a variety of settings, he's performed in jazz bands, marching bands, churches, and orchestras.  He's been a drum instructor at B#Sharp Academy for 5 years. 

Serving Northern California for over 20 years.

May 19th , 2019, was officially declared B#Sharp Academy Day by the Honorable Mayor Harry T. Price of Fairfield, as this date commemorates the Academy's 20 years of service to the community. 

B#Sharp Academy strives to instill musical appreciation, confidence, & build self-esteem in each and every student. Our mission is to change lives forever, one note at a time with a spirit of excellence through the influence of music.

Founded by Dr. Rosalin Pugh, her dream of opening her own music school was fulfilled in May of 1999 where she started “B#Sharp Academy”, a school of the Arts, and serves as CEO and curriculum advisor. 

​Dr. Rosalin Pugh has a gift of communication through music. Being from a family of gifted musicians, she realized her musical abilities at a very young age and set out to hone her skills through more musical training.  She received her Music Degree (double major in Piano & Voice) while still teaching students which has been about 4 decades now.  She is also an established Gospel Recording Artist.   

"When God calls us to do His will, He calls us to B#Sharp, to perform in excellence.

B#Sharp to encourage, B#Sharp to teach the music to the ones He's chosen for you to instruct to B#Sharp. "