This studio will assist you in producing your CD project from the beginning to the end from finding professional background singers, professional musicians, photographers for your cover, make-up artists, set-up in stores, air-play, flyers, promotions; to the final concert.  Finally, assistance with stage presence, studio voice coaching and properly getting your song material copywritten through US Office of Copyrights and affiliated with companies such as ASCAP or BMI.

Developing singing skills is a serious undertaking in which a good ear is a must.  Learn to master the basic skills for a "solid" singing technique for your personal fulfillment or career goals.  You will receive professional vocal training exercises, correct posture, proper breathing, good articulation, diction and tone quality.  You will also learn a variety of songs and overcome any fears you may have.  Once we feel you're ready to sing in public, we will send referrals your way.  If you're a member of a group and find yourself on a dissonant chord when asked to harmonize, don't wait any longer, enroll now!

#Workshop  Coordinating

Rate Packages​ for Vocal Lessons

(Registration Fee is $100 which covers miscellaneous music for a lifetime & Recitals)


PLATINUM PACKAGE = (3 months/12 week course) @ $780
=          (4 weeks/month to month)   @ $280
=       (2 classes per month)           @ $150

As some individuals and churches are not equipped with live music or musicians, our studio has the capability of providing you with CD tracks for your own personal use or for your Praise Team or group.  All fees for duplication vary, based on the amount of time required to produce the CD tracks, and the selected instruments that are requested for the project.  Order must be received at least three weeks prior to request for timely service.

Do you feel like you're at a funeral during your praise & worship service or is it just uninspirational?  Does the congregation sing along with you during the service or are they dry and dull?  Do you need help in trying to lift the spirit of others?  Here at our studio, you will learn what types of songs to sing and at what time to sing them.  You will learn how to get the congregation excited and involved in the singing ministry at the services, as you usher them into His presence! 

#Piano/Organ/Guitar & Drum Lessons

Hours of Operation​ for Music Instruction

On both piano, organ, guitar and drums, musicians are taught to read music, play by ear and how to develop that ear. They are also taught how to build chord progressions, fill-ins and also transposing capabilities so they will be able to accompany almost any professional singer in any style. You will also learn piano and organ runs, riffs, doxologies and anthems, choir songs, praise songs and hymns. When you feel ready to accompany a choir or group, you will be assisted in that endeavor. Just let your style or desire be known!

At this studio, there are musicians, ministers, songwriters and soloists ready to assist your church in coordinating a workshop.  They're available to participate as guest teachers or speakers for your workshop.  They can assist you in organizing and composing a souvenir journal and assist your church all the way to the final concert.  Workshops are fun, informative and present a great opportunity to bring people together.  Don't anticipate it any longer; make your  music department stronger.  We're here to help!

Rate Packages​ for Piano/Organ/Guitar & Drum Lessons

(Registration Fee is $100 which covers books, drum bag & 1 pair sticks, miscellaneous music/Recitals)


PLATINUM PACKAGE = (12 week course/3 months)        $480
GOLD PACKAGE = (4 weekly classes/month to month)   $180
SILVER PACKAGE = (bi-weekly/2 classes per month)      $100

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#Vocal Training

Hours of Operation​ for Music Instructio  /All Classes 55 min.

CD Tracks Available

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