Music Program

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Class Structure

​We offer private one-on-one lessons and small group lessons up to 12 students per class. Our instructors are also available for Music Workshops and Seminars. An in-depth syllabus is provided for each class.  Private one-on-one classes are 30-45 minutes each, depending on the package you choose and group classes are 1 hour.

No Instrument? No problem
If you don’t have an instrument to practice on, please inquire with us as we do have an affordable rental program.

Pricing & Fees

Our one-time registration fee of $150 covers a lifetime of lesson books as long as you are a B#Sharp Academy student.  Affordable lesson rates start as low as $120 per month. Schedule a consultation to learn which plan is right for you. 

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Learn fundamental music theory and sight-reading via the Michael Aaron Piano Course as well as learning to play by ear.  Various styles of music will be introduced and students will be encouraged to learn scales, the circle of 4ths & 5ths, major and minor chords, properly beginning and ending songs, and many performance opportunities. 

This class covers breathing and tone control, posture, voice classification, and learning how to sing from the diaphragm in order to help correct pitch problems.  The various singing opportunities help singers overcome stage fright as well as other common fears.  

Stage Presence
Are you gifted and talented but have stage fright?  If you answered yes, this is the class for you. You will learn to have boundless confidence as you stand and perform in front of a live audience.  If you are a singer, musician or actor, you will learn tips on improving your stage presence.  You will learn how to interact with the crowd during your live performances and command your audience during every performance.

Learn the anatomy of the guitar, fingering, chords, hand coordination, strumming and how to sight-read and play by ear.  You will also learn how to tune the guitar and feel confident while playing a variety of songs.

You will be taught various drum rudiments, paradiddles, identification of all drum parts, how to take apart and put the drum set back together again.  Drum clinics are also be offered to enhance your skills while learning from other drummers playing alongside you.