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We are involved in the following yearly events, just to name a few.....


 Farmer's Market, County Fairs, Plays & Recitals, Juneteenth Events, Tomato Festivals, Parades, Kaiser, Jelly Belly Factory, Christmas Downtown Fairfield, Churches, Solano County Fair, etc.

995 Oliver Road, ste. 11

​(707) 803-5448/Music


​​(707) 208-3558/Track

Dr. Rosalin Pugh


BSharp Academy was nominated "Grand Prize Sweepstakes" for best overall Music in Fairfield in the year 2017!  We've been serving Northern California since 1999.  Located in Fairfield, CA, this Academy is geared to those that wish to excel in the arts!  Beginning with ages 5 & up, BSharp Academy's mission statement is:  "Changing lives forever, one note at a time" !  If you're that aspriring artist that needs to get to the next level, make that call!
  "A man's gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men." - Proverbs 18:16

Also visit www.rosalinpugh.com

Grand Sweepstakes Winner for Best Music in Downtown Fairfield 2017