"Coach's Award"

"Coach's Award" 

"Leadership Award"

2016  Track Award Winners!

"Athlete of the Year"

Edric & Simone Dennis
"Parents of the Year"

Outstanding Support!

Shane DeGrace
"Teacher's Choice Award"

Performed:  "Never Felt This Way"

Marayha Lowe
"People's Choice Award" 

Performed:  "Jingle Bell Rock"

Edric Dennis
"Drummer of the Year"

Performed:  "I Want You Back"

Nikki Lavares
"Vocalist of the Year"

Performed: Her New Single!

"Toxic Love:

2016  Music Award Winners!

Thank you for your continuous support for our "Stars" in the making.

We consider it a blessing and a privilege to teach all of our students. 

"Changing lives forever, one note a time, with a spirit of excellence!"

 Jaala Casey
"Pianist of the Year

Performed: "He Wants It All"

"Parents of the Year"

"Most Improved"

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